Life Throughout the Universe

Typical Galaxy of Billions of Star Systems

"In My Father's House are Many Mansions"

If we look up into the night sky, almost every star we see is part of our own Milky Way Galaxy. There are about 350 billion stars in the galaxy our sun is a part of. There are about 6 billion people on our own planet earth. This means that there are about 60 suns just in our own galaxy for every man, woman, and child on the planet. The 350 billion suns of the Milky Way Galaxy could include planetary systems much like ours with conditions for physical life such as our own. Our own galaxy is so immense that it would take us 100,000 years to cross from one end to the other even if we were moving at the speed of light. And yet there are trillions of such galaxies in the vastness of the universe. In fact there are even clusters of tens of thousands of galaxies spread throughout the observable universe.

Medieval civilization considered the Earth to be the center of the Universe. They believed that their home was the center of everything and that all the visible planets, stars and the sun moved around it. Similarly, according to modern popular belief man is alone in the universe, the people of our planet are the first, the most advanced, and the only known intelligent life form throughout the vast universe.

Meanwhile ancient cultures are full of the legends of teachers that came down from the stars and walked among these fledgling civilizations, teaching and guiding them. Millions of contactees throughout the world speak of having their lives abruptly changed by some form of contact with extra planetary beings - sometimes negative contact and sometimes contact of a benevolent nature; but in either case the contact has resulted in an acceleration of their awareness and the beginning of a shift in their own personal consciousness.

Statement by Dan Sherman, former trained Intuitive Communicator in an Air Force black ops program:
"According to Bones (his nickname for his grey alien telepathic contact) there is a vast number of other "intelligences" in the Universe. I got the feeling when I asked this that he felt it was a dumb question."

From: Above Black, by Dan Sherman

There are other people on the planet quietly going about their business who know of the existence of our space brothers and sisters, and work with them or communicate with them on a subjective level. To them their is no question of their existence because space beings are part of their everyday experiences.

ET Message communicated through Lisette Larkins:
"What many of you do know about us is that we are here. We have been speaking to you through your dreams, through your meditations, or contact. It is part of the desire of the universe that we should all move toward ultimate union with one another. How else would you suggest that we begin to know you? We begin with these types of communications."

Talking to Extraterrestrials - Communicating With Enlightened Beings, by Lisette Larkins

And yet another large group of people feel that their soul or spirit came from other parts of the galaxy or universe and they are just occupying a human body as a sort of a temporary assignment to assist with a shift of the planetary consciousness that is about to occur. There are dozens of books by and about these so called "Wanderers".

The wisdom passed down from native and ancient cultures reveals that people have had contact for thousands of years with higher beings from other realms. The knowledge passed along by them gives us clues to our origin, our purpose on this planet, and the shape of our future life. The teachers from the stars tell us we are all part of a vast creation, we are all one, and we are all destined to play our part in the unfoldment of the grand story that is here being enacted.

Wisdom from the Past

How Thoth Explored the Far Reaches of Space Many Thousand Years Ago

(Excerpted from the Emerald Tablets)

Words of the Star Brothers

As Recorded by Contactees Over the Years

According to the SETI project (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), we have been scanning the universe in all directions for decades, methodically but unsuccessfully, for a tell-tale trace of radio signals from an advanced intelligent civilization in some other part of the universe. However, despite the official government position that no contact has ever been made, we have a weight of historical accounts of interactions of Star Beings with ancient cultures, Native Indians, aboriginal peoples, and hundreds or possibly thousands of people who claim to have been contacted and or abducted. Still others claim to have an inner contact, or contact thru the dream state. And then there are hundreds of people who are actively channeling messages from higher spiritual sources not of this planet. Many books have been written by them. Since the modern "UFO" movement began in the late 40s, there has been an accumulation of the messages or information left by these elder brothers from space. Although there have been a mix of both negative and positive contacts, the messages from them form a steady stream of information about our human species, our origins, the challenges facing us in our evolution forward, our place in the universe, warnings of cataclysms should we fail to take care of our planet, and a picture of a glorious future that awaits us after this current dark period of isolation and struggle is behind us.

Visitors Bringing Cosmic Harmony

Researcher Dolores Cannon hypnotically regresses people who feel they have had contact or have experienced "missing time" which is often a symptom of contact. In her book The Custodians one of her subjects finds herself in the "Library", a sort of place where universal records are kept. There, a white robed light being with a face shining with pulsating colors of light answers questions asked thru the hypnotized subject.

"He says there are many, many, many more planets in the universe that have evolved higher forms of life, than you people in the testing school of Earth understand. He's showing me beautiful pictures of other worlds. There's a gorgeous purple colored planet, and he says this is where many UFOs have come from. They can travel from their planet in spirit form, but when they come toward the Earth atmosphere, they have to incarnate in a vehicle. [They are from] Betelgeuse; they're coming because the Earth is going to become part of the spiritual universe. And many beings have gathered from all over the universe to see this momentous event. The vibratory nature of the planet is changing, and they are going to be on hand to watch this. They're here for the momentous occasion when the Earth becomes more enlightened, and then becomes part of the spiritual universe."

The Custodians - Beyond Abduction, Dolores Cannon, Ozark Mountain Publishers

In another session, an ET being gives a message directly to Dolores by speaking through the hypnotised subject.

"It's very sad for us to see so many of the things going on amongst Earth people. And very sad for us to see the close-ness of mind to other beings in the universe. So when we find one like you, and others like you, you have no idea how much we honor you all ! We honor that you learn and inquire and read, and you're open always to all the other inputs. And you share that with other people. The work that you're doing with other people to help them in this life to open up and accept the interactions with us, has a far greater affect on their souls than you realize. It's way beyond just this lifetime, for each of those people begins to integrate it and accept that they are interacting with us. So this has a far longer effect, or far reaching effect than you can possibly know at this time."

In his book Alien Dawn, researcher Colin Wilson recounts the story of contactee Orfeo Angelucci (see Secret of the Saucers by Orfeo Angelucci) who was overcome by a dreamlike state after observing a glowing oval shaped object in the distance. He stopped his car and then heard a voice telling him he was in communication with friends from another world.

He heard the voice explaining that man had been under observation for centuries, and that every human being was precious to them, because 'you are not aware of the mystery of your being'.

According to information given by them, the space beings did not need the flying saucers since they are etheric entities; the UFOs were used only to manifest themselves to man. Cosmic law prevented them from landing and interfering in human destiny. But Earth was in great danger.

A few months later he had another experience of the dreamlike state. This time he was looking at the Earth from outer space. The voice told him the Earth, in spite of its beauty, was a purgatorial world, full of cruelty and selfishness. He was told that human beings are simply mortal shadows of divinely created beings, and that they are trying to work out their salvation on Earth.

This theme appears over and over in messages offered by contactees. The paranormal researcher, Brad Steiger made a study of contact cases and summarized his finding in a book called The Aquarian Revelations.

The philosophical and metaphysical content of the essential message allegedly entrusted to the contactee is nearly always the same. A distillation of the Outer Space Apocrypha would reveal such concepts as the following:

Man is not alone in the solar system. He has "space brothers" and they have
come to earth to reach him and to teach him.
The Space Brothers want man to join an intergalactic spiritual federation.
The Space Brothers are here to teach, to help man rise to higher levels of
vibration so that he may be ready to enter new dimensions.
Man stands now in the transitional period before the dawn of a New Age.
With peace, love, brotherhood and understanding on man's part,
he will see a great new era begin to dawn.
If man should not raise his vibratory rate within a set period of time,
severe earth changes and cataclysms will take place.
Such disasters will not end the world, but shall serve as cataclysmic crucibles
to burn off the dross of unreceptive humanity.

The message that we are at the end of a long cycle of evolution and on the threshold of a new cycle comes up repeatedly.

The most important reason for their visitation to earth at this time is that our whole solar system is at this time in transit into a new area of space, a new density, and that this is changing the vibratory rate of the nucleus of every atom in our planet, raising it to a higher frequency.

Wallace Baird, The Space Story and the Inner Light.
Planet Earth is indeed a lovely planet. It will soon be vibrating in a vibratory manner which is far more associated with realization of the Father's creation.

Carla Rueckert, Voices of the Gods.
The program that is in operation is to prepare the Earth for a major rise in consciousness, to what you call Christ awareness but what we term communication with Universal Energy.

Nada Yolanda, Visitors from Other Planets.

Visitors Bringing Cosmic Harmony

Another recurring theme in Star Visitor messages is the oneness of all creation. The God of each religion is not only the same God, it is the one and only Cosmic Creator of the Universe. Since we are all part of that universe, logically we are all part of that Oneness, the unity that IS the Creation.

It is impossible to separate yourself from the creation. You are it, and it is you. And all of its parts speak to you, saying, "Be of the creation." It is only necessary that man on Earth listen to this voice, and then understand its words. Understand and then demonstrate this understanding, and then man on Earth will take his rightful place with those of us who roam through the infinite Creation.

Voices of the Gods, Carla Rueckert.
All is one, my friends. My voice is now the voice of this instrument; my thoughts are her thoughts. Please believe that the vibration we offer to you is not a vibration of personality, but is a vibration of the Creator. We are also channels. There is only one voice. Within this vibration, we are self-consciously aware that this voice is the voice of the Creator. Even if the universe for those around you remains disharmonious and difficult, if your mind is stayed upon the unity of Creator, your own universe will become harmonious, and this is not by your doing but by the simple love of the Creator.

The Ra Material - An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty
Ra Material, Law of One, Volumes I-IV,

The messages from these higher dimensional beings reveal that they are individuals who have struggled through an evolutionary period similar to ours and who have graduated to a knowledge of their oneness with the universe and hence to a view of becoming assistants to its further evolution. Sometimes they assist us by influencing us intuitively from afar and sometimes by being born on earth as flesh and blood teachers or helpers to further the knowledge and wisdom of evolving humanity.

Many upon your planet feel pain within their individual being, but they do not feel the pain of others. This is not so with the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We feel your pain, and this brings us to you at this time. To serve you. For in doing so, we serve ourselves, since you and we are one. Your pain is felt throughout all of the creation, and for this reason there are many, many here to serve you at this time. We serve you in the very best way that we can - to eliminate this pain. We give to you the information that you need in order to eliminate this pain. It is something that may be done in the twinkling of an eye.

Secrets of the UFOs, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert
From time immemorial, teachers of Light came to planet Earth, incarnating from other planets, from other systems, even from other galaxies, and from the realms known to you as the nonphysical or supernal realms of existence; and great companies of Light came into incarnation, carrying with them the banner of Truth and Love and Light. In all the simplicity of these teachings, and in all dedication to the One Creator and His Laws, these bands of Lighted Ones came down into incarnation and to the darkness and the degradation which they ofttimes found, and incarcerated themselves in flesh, not for their own experiencing - though much they did experience - but with a basic motive of service to the One Creator and His Creation, a motive of Love and Compassion.

The Aquarian Revelations, Brad Steiger
There are extraterrestrials that are watching the planet, but they do not try to interfere that much. They do come with a sense of peace and good will for man, because they're trying to help the evolution evolvement rate of their terrestrial brothers. Many of them come from Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, and Sirius, the dog star. These entities from that area are part of the same galaxy that Earth people are from. At the present time they are watching the evolutionary rate of the planet Earth grow to a high degree, to take its place within the galactic federation. This is a spiritual confederation of advanced beings centered in light and love, and we are part of that plan.

The Custodians - Beyond Abduction, Dolores Cannon, Ozark Mountain Publishers

Visitors Bringing Cosmic Harmony

A lot of the messages from contactees indicate that two groups of extraterrestrial beings are working to influence the evolution of earth. The vast majority of beings visiting our planet have a positive or benign orientation and are here to help us humans awaken to understand that our current state of affairs on this planet doesn't have to be this way. We do have enough resources and energy to ensure a good life for all and for a clean and beautiful planet. However, there are those amongst us who want to split society into a hierarchy of elite; the rich and powerful on one side; and on the other, a lower class of workers who toil long hours just to gain the basics of living. The rich and powerful elites are influenced by a negative group of off-planet beings who have a "service to self" orientation and are trying to extend their hierarchy of a tightly controlled empire of which they are a part, to our planet. Their means of doing this - through selected people on our planet that resonate with their "service to self" values - is to keep us divided, keep us perpetually in a state of conflict, fear and war, keep us from realizing truth, keep us caught up in a matrix of striving for subsistence, preventing us from having leisure time to contemplate the real values that would reveal the true meaning of life.

It's terribly important that human beings come to realize there are other beings coming to the Earth and interacting with people, who are very self-serving and uncaring about the effects on people. But there are many groups that are very caring about humans, about the whole of humanity, and what humanity is experiencing in terms of negativity in their warlike nature. We're terribly concerned about their greed, their selfishness, and about what humanity is doing to the beautiful, living being that the Earth is. So there are many of us who have great concerns and would like to help as much as possible. But we know there is enormous prejudice on the Earth even about our existence.

The Custodians - Beyond Abduction, Dolores Cannon, Ozark Mountain Publishers
If there is fear and doom, the contact was quite likely of a negative nature (with a "Service to Self" oriented being). If the result is hope, friendly feelings, and the awakening of positive feeling of purposeful service to others, the marks of Confederation contact are evident.

The Ra Material - An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty
The Orion group passes on information concerning the Law of One with the orientation of "Service To Self" (STS). The technology provided by this group is in the form of various means of control or manipulation of others to serve the self.

The Ra Material - An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty
There are some extraterrestrial people that look very similar to humans, commonly known as 'humanoids'. Once again, there are many different kinds, with different levels of spiritual and technological evolution. Many races of humanoids are technologically superior to humans. There are several types of ET humanoids that walk among humans virtually unnoticed, as they are curious about us. The humanoids that I interact with are very concerned with the suppression of technologies and mass extinction of the planetary species. I am told that if those technologies and energy systems were not suppressed then we would have an end to poverty and the preservation of our ecosystems. Some of these technologies are shown within my drawings and can be interpreted by those who choose to understand the links to the non-polluting zero point field of energy, i.e. energy that can be obtained through sources that will not threaten the ecosystems of earth.

Awakening - How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life, By Mary Rodwell, Beyond Publications
Chapter 8 Tracey Taylor's Personal Story of Contact.
(See more about Tracey Taylor in the LightWorker Little Owl section on

Visitors Bringing Cosmic Harmony

The Universality of Life

Paul Roberts, who writes on Eastern Mysticism, writes of a strange encounter and its aftermath he experienced in 1969 in Cornwall. One night he and two friends saw an enormous disk that emitted a powerful electric whirring noise as it hovered motionless for over 20 minutes. The disk changed colors several times as it hovered. Then seven or eight smaller discs came from somewhere and merged with the larger one though there was no visible opening. The saucer then made off in a slow vague zig-zag motion over the Atlantic, then it banked and took off upward at a speed that one of them estimated to be over 20,000 miles per hour.

Two months later, Roberts was again by the sea, this time with only one friend, on a moonlit evening. A policeman warned them to be careful because 'things have been happening around here'.

When the policeman had gone, they heard a voice behind them, succeeded by a powerful humming sound that made the beach vibrate. Nothing was visible in the sky. Then, suddenly, the night was lit up 'as if by a gigantic magnesium flare'. Before they could panic, a voice behind them said 'There will be no harm to you'. Then two shining entities emerged from the shadows - Roberts's companion later described them as 'angels without wings'. Roberts was aware of others in the background. Then a vast egg of light descended, and they suddenly realized they were inside it. They seemed to be surrounded by a kind of liquid light that chilled them. They both had a dreamlike sensation, and a sense of telepathic communication.

Roberts writes:

"I confess it grieves me to report - since this seems mandatory in every Close Encounter of the Third Kind - that a good deal of what we heard involved dire warnings about the planet's future unless we earthlings smartened up. ... We were told that what we viewed as separate entities - people, flora, fauna, planet - are in reality but one entity, as was believed in the ancient world - and quite clearly, by such as Shakespeare - earthquakes and natural cataclysms are causally related to events in the human sphere, both as augurs or omens, and as reactions of cosmic outrage.

And there was also good news. It doesn't have to be this way. The Planet's fate could be altered, as could our destinies - but only if we changed ourselves. And we'd be shown how this could be done in due time, as apparently everyone is eventually shown in some way or other."

After that, they saw the egg of light rise above them. The drone returned, and it streaked away into the night at 45 degrees.

Roberts says they sat in silence for hours, then his friend said, 'I suppose that changes everything'.

That is not quite the end of the story. In 1975, Roberts was with the Indian 'Miracle Man' Sai Baba in India - Baba is famous for being able to materialize objects from the air, and healing the sick. Roberts was talking with nuclear physicist, S.K. Bhagavantam, and discussing space travel. Baba joined them and asked what they were talking about, and Roberts asked him about life on other planets, and UFOs. In reply, Baba told him to shut his eyes. Roberts felt Baba's thumb pressed on his forehead.

"Instantly an inner vision of awesome beauty opened up before me. I saw world after jeweled world in a limitless cosmos of coiling self-illumined spheres within spheres. I was in each world simultaneously, their myriad unique fragrances, textures, sounds, and landscapes, all apparent, their every inhabitant me and yet also not me. As with a dream, everything was projected from me, and yet existed independently of me, flowing in and out as fragile and as vital as breath. Yet it was truly infinite, no limit possible to the teeming life, which seemed made of undiluted joy. A universe that continued literally forever, worlds without end.

Baba told them, 'Outer space, inner space. Inner space the only real space'.

Excerpted from Alien Dawn, by Colin Wilson

Messages of hope for the future.

"Extraterrestrial contact symbolizes to a large degree, the understanding that your world is not the same and will not continue down the same destructive path. No longer will you tolerate the mass destruction and the killing of each other. So celebrate in your recognition that you are awakening, that you are building the steps for your tomorrow, for your children, and for your children's children. Your willingness to think outside of the box and to consider the seemingly impossible marks you as a pioneer, and pioneers will change your future. are part of the all, and as you recognize who your are, everything about you changes and evolves - not only personally, but collectively, for we have heard your voices asking why life must feel so full of struggle."

Talking to Extraterrestrials - Communicating With Enlightened Beings, by Lisette Larkins 2002

Your planet, along with its neighbors, is moving as your entire system is, into a new area of space, a new vibration. In this creation, there is nothing but order. It is only necessary to look about you to see the order and perfection of this universe. You are about to experience a gift. This gift will be a new understanding of love. Some of you have already begun to experience this, and as the progression takes place, it will become more and more apparent to many of those of Earth. We are here to help with this experience. This is the reason that so many of your brothers from space as you call it, are now here with planet Earth. We are here to serve and to help the Creator's plan bring to you the love that you desire.

Voices of the Gods, Carla Rueckert 1974

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