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Life In the Universe

50 Years of Misunderstandings

  • Expressions of ET Contact, the Video
    What kinds of ET beings do people see? What kind of art and symbols do they draw? Scripts and Language - what do they look and sound like? Mary Rodwell RN, Therapist, Researcher and Principal of ACERN (Australia Close Encounter Network) introduces some of the best audio and visual material from ACERN's database. Incredible artwork, drawings of ET beings, symbols and scripts drawn by experiencers themselves show an integrity of experience -a visual expression of Contact. How and why do "experiencers" feel impelled to create such unusual artwork and symbolism ?

  • Star Visitor Museum Home page
    Our mission at the Star Visitor Museum is to present information in a balanced way so our visitors can learn as much as they wish about Star Visitors without fear of deception of any kind. We will take the lead from this one single letter and paint a picture on our pages of each subject that you will read. Now get ready to take a leap into the Universe of beings and realities that we know are out there.

  • Little Owl, Citizen of the Universe
    "My purpose on earth is to help as many people as possible. I try to help them to have the joy that I feel by expanding their consciousness. To do this I teach how to raise their rate of vibration. In this way they can touch in on other dimensions and connect in a very real way with Master Souls and other interplanetary beings. I do this in a variety of ways through workshops for channelling, meditation and mediumship. As an introduction to these workshops I lecture, give readings and hold channelling sessions all over the world." Little Owl has contact with higher dimensional beings who give her messages for various people present at her channelings. The people present feel and often see the beings. These beings come from various locations within our Universe.

  • Hathors.Net
    "The Hathors are interdimensional teachers who are facilitating planetary ascension through Compassion, Love, Sound, and Humor. To have direct experience with these Beings of Light is to remember the power of love, laughter and conscious breath moving within the full-spectrum of Being." Quotation from The Hathors: "There is one vital, specific, and positive resonance that takes place when a person feels a certain kind of emotion -- an emotional vibratory field called unconditional acceptance or unconditional love. This sets up an intercellular resonance that positively affects the DNA, making it stronger, helping it code information more precisely. This positive resonance actually emerges whenever you feel the emotion of unconditional acceptance or love. Naturally, the more you experience this emotion, the more you benefit all levels of your total self."

  • Welcome to
    After thirty years of study and two years of dedicated experimentation, detailed in Laura's autobiography, Amazing Grace, the Cassiopaean communications began with a source identifying itself as "the Cassiopaeans." This source claimed to Laura that "We are you in the future"- or a "higher self" in popular parlance. From this perspective of "creating the universe" by observing it, the Cassiopaeans are an alternate source of information about the past, present and future. These are not predictions or fortune-telling. The Cassiopaeans often give obscure clues that are the starting points for years of research, forcing us to come to an understanding of the "answer" ourselves. Laura Knight-Jadczyk: is the author of two books: Amazing Grace, which is an autobiography of the soul, and Ancient Science, which contains some of the results of her search for the underlying principles of our matrix-reality. Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Ph.D: is a theoretical physicist fascinated by the problems of the foundations of quantum theory, and its relation to the philosophy of science and the theories of knowledge, consciousness and mind.Ark and Laura Jadczyk are the owners of this site and the chief producers of the material here.

  • Universe Books - Online Books with a Universal Outlook
    A Selection of Books representing a Universal Outlook - Institute for Cooperation in Space (Ban Space Based Weapons); Exopolitics - A Decade of Contact ("Our human civilization is at the very beginning of its era of Universe Conciousness". Part One - Turning the Universe Upside Down - "How most of the story modern man and woman know about Earth and its outer space invirons is wrong. How it is logical and rational that we live in a highly populated and organized Universe society of life-bearing planets. How Universe politics have placed Earth in a planetary quarantine. How that quarantine may be lifting, and what we can do to hasten a universe reunion." Part Two - Universe Politics - "How Universal law ultimately governs humanity. How our position in interplanetary society is determined by what human society as a whole does on Earth. How a planetary security system based on militarization and war effectively cuts us off from Universal society."; Extraterrestrials and the Environment, Earth Changes, a Spiritual Approach etc

  • Billy Meier, Pleaidians
    A striking UFO Contact Case. "Extraterrestrials that are human? What the Pleiadians really look like. See pictures from the Billy Meier contacts. "Billy Meier was born in Switzerland in 1937. For over 56 years, he has maintained a series of physical and telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial beings who claim they come from the Plejares star cluster. Acting as a spokesperson for the Pleiadians, he imparts their fascinating, esoteric teachings and wisdom to us and assists them in their monumental task of guiding Earth mankind back to the path we have left so long ago."

  • Detailed Description of The Urantia Book
    "The Urantia Book, first published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955, was authored by celestial beings as a special revelation to our planet, Urantia. The book's message is that all human beings are one family, the sons and daughters of one God, the Universal Father. It instructs on the genesis, history, and destiny of mankind and on our relationship with God. It also presents a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus, opening new vistas of time and eternity, and revealing new concepts of Man's ever-ascending adventure of finding the Universal Father in our friendly and carefully administered universe.The Urantia Book's view of science, philosophy, and religion is perhaps the clearest and most concise integration of these subjects available to contemporary man. Sample Teaching: [Your world, Urantia, is one of many similar inhabited planets which comprise the local universe of Nebadon. This universe, together with similar creations, makes up the superuniverse of Orvonton, from whose capital, Uversa, our commission hails. Orvonton is one of the seven evolutionary superuniverses of time and space which circle the never-beginning, never-ending creation of divine perfection the central universe of Havona. At the heart of this eternal and central universe is the stationary Isle of paradise, the geographic center of infinity and the dwelling place of the eternal God.]

  • Exopolitics - The Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence
    This site is dedicated to producing high quality research papers and books that focus on the political implications of what an overwhelming amount of evidence conclusively points to as an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that is known by clandestine government organizations who keep official knowledge of this presence secret from the general public and elected political officials. The evidence suggests that decision making is restricted to a small group of officials drawn primarily from the military and intelligence branches of various national governments who operate on a 'need to know' basis, and whose appointments are made in a way that 'stretches' or breaks accepted constitutional guidelines and processes.

  • Zeta Talk, Information from the Zetas
    "ZetaTalk leads you through the vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas (Reticula) in answer to questions posed to their emissary, Nancy. The ZetaTalk answers cover such subjects as portents of a Pole Shift and how this relates to the Transformation in process; how life in the Aftertime following this shift will be different from today; the self-centered or service-minded spiritual Orientation of humans as well as aliens from other worlds and how inadvertently giving the Call to aliens can put you in touch with one group or the other; how Visitations can be more easily interpreted when spiritual orientation is understood; how visitors from other Worlds are watched by the Council of Worlds, which has set Rules regulating their behavior; why we are only gradually getting acquainted with our visitors from other worlds, and what will allow the Awakening to occur faster; to what extent the Government is aware of and interacting with the alien presence; the true nature and reason for the Hybrids being developed by the Zetas to merge the best from both Zetans and Humans; why aliens can disappear and move through walls, and what both physical and spiritual Density changes will be like in the future; what the Zetas have to say about our Science theories; what the Zetas as students of human nature have concluded on what Being Human means; and straight ZetaTalk about our Myths."

  • Liber Caeruleus, Occult Readings. Extraterrestrials and our unknown origin
    "More and more we are finding that mythology in general though greatly contorted very often has some historic base. And the interesting thing is that one myth which occurs over and over again in many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people."


UFO Information

  • Filer's Research Institute - UFO Information Center
    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Archives, Weekly Files, Mars, Curiosities, Outer Space, UFOs, Links, Store,etc. Sample report: "Numerous UFO reports are related to power outages. In last weeks Filer's Files #33, Minnesota - two saucers knocked out electricity near the Iowa border on August 5, 2003, at 5:30 AM. The witness saw two saucer shaped UFOs that fried the solid state-switching unit in his well."

  • National UFO Reporting Center
    Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data. Hotline, Latest UFO Reports, Reports Data Base, Historic Reports, Videos,

  • ET Reality News - Current UFO Sighting Reports from around the World
    Paranormal, UFO HIstory, Photos, Art Gallery, Ancient Astronauts. Abduction, etc.

  • The Unreal World of UFOs, by Bob Pratt
    "I was once actually paid to chase down UFO reports but found the subject so fascinating that for more than twenty years I have dug into my own pocket to do it. I have many stories in my files that few have seen. Most of those written in the past twenty years tell about incidents in Brazil, a place of extraordinary UFO activity." A site of many interesting stories.

  • Ozark Mountain Publishing, The Books of Dolores Cannon and Other Paranormal Researchers
    Dolores Cannon is a well known UFO Researcher. Her specialty is Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy where she finds that often, her subjects describe a past life on a sphere that is obviously not Earth. She has documented her decades of experiences in a series of books: Conversations With Nostradamus, Vol I - III; Between Death & Life; The Custodians; Jesus and the Essenes; They Walked With Jesus; Keepers of the Garden; The Legend of Starcrash; Legacy from the Stars; A Soul Remembers Hiroshima; The Convoluted Universe

  • Jason Leigh's Award Winning website
    Jason Leigh, psychic and author. His videos of UFOs. Talk show appearances, Jeff Rense, etc. Predictions that came true. UFO articles and pictures. Government coverup of UFOs. Roswell really happened: the story. Intelligent Beings, not of this planet.

  • Anomalous Images and UFO Files
    Anomalous Images and UFO Files

  • ET Reality News Links
    Links to Various UFO Sites

  • Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country
    Much information about ETs, Greys, etc. Example: "Former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who has spoken frankly with colleagues about UFOs and aliens, but avoided mentioning them in public, recently spoke out on the subject at a recent talk in Florida. He said, "A few insiders know the truth…and are studying the bodies that have been discovered.""

    MAN'S Earth and Space Place...Hollow Earth--Space--UFOs--Animations Galore! Come Fly with UFO MAN in one of his Favorite Flying Machines--A Simple Click will get you there...UFO MAN'S Earth and Space Place--VISIT NOW! Mysteries, UFO stories, UFOs - Aliens-History, Photographs, Auroras, HAARP, Planet X

  • The Impact of Various ET Types on Clandestine Organizations
    Orion, Zeta Reticulum and Reptilian ETs, Protective Parent ETs, Wise Mentor ETs, etc. "This study paper analyses the extent to which clandestine organizations embedded in the military and intelligence branches of government have been infiltrated by different ET factions, and the threat this poses to the sovereignty of humanity. The study begins by describing the dynamics of the interactions between clandestine organizations and various ET races. Emphasis will be on describing the different intervention philosophies and activities of ET races..."

  • UFO UpDates Mailing List, Archive, Forum
    UFO Updates, Archives, MUFON Ontario, Abduction Information Center, Report a Sighting or Experience, UFO Links

  • UFO Info, UFO Roundup, News, Events, Organizations - a Comprehensive Resource
    The UFOINFO Website provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics and information for researchers, enthusiasts and those new to the subject. Constantly updated, it is the Official home of the UFO ROUNDUP, AUFORN and UFO + PSI Magazine news bulletins, archives of Filer's Files, Humanoid Sighting Reports, UFO News UK, plus a selection of sighting reports from the Oz Files. Categories: AUFORN Australian UFO Reports and Experiences; OZ Files; UFO News UK; UFO + PSI Magazine; UFOINFO Store; Space Exploration & Astronomy News; Acronyms; Artwork by Faeylyn Wylder; Amateur Radio UFO Networks; Books; Crop Circle Organizations and Magazines; Events, Conferences and Lectures; E-zines; Humanoid Sighting Reports; Janus; Lecturers & Performers; Magazines and Newsletters; Magonia Database; Mailing Lists; Museums & Exhibitions; News Clipping Services; News Reports & Articles; Organizations; Radio & TV Programmes; Researchers; Sighting Reports; Therapy & Counselling; Triangular Craft - U.S. Sighting Reports for 1995 and 1996; UFO Courses; UFO Hotlines and Phone Services; UFO Products and Services; UFO Fiction; Links to UFO sites; Links to Astronomy & Space Exploration Sites; Links to other Web sites; History of UFOINFO; Submissions

  • Dr. Bruce Cornet's Website
    Welcome to a research website which explores the unusual and paranormal with scientific seriousness. See the Sirius Onion Work for main web page. Dr Cornet's Personal Story, Search for ExtraTerrestrial Visitation, Westchester Wing Sightings, Black Triangles, Abduction experience, Interdimensional Portals, Air Force Cloaking Device, Anomolist Sightings, B.U.F.O.D.

    Welcome to MUFON-LA The Los Angeles chapter of Colorado based MUFON International. The Mutual UFO Network, Inc. is an international scientific organization composed of people seriously interested in studying and researching the phenomenon known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Meetings, Sightings, Report, Editorial, Store

  • Electric Spacecraft: Propulsion Research, Space Travel
    A Network of Interactive Research. Seeking electrodynamic field propulsion techniques for space travel by investigating electrostatic, electromagnetics, atomic physics, gravity, inertia, energy, and aether concepts. Sample article: Superconducting Mercury Weight Loss in ELF Electromagnetic Field.


Paranormal, Mysteries

  • Borderland Sciences
    About Borderland Sciences... Borderland Sciences was founded by Meade Layne in 1945 for the purpose of investigating into realms normally beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurement. Topics include, Tesla, HAARP, The myth of Global Warming and who benefits, Free energy, ELF Waves, the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, the "Truth" about Gray Aliens.

  • Paranormal and UFO Search Engine
    4,514 Links in all. Searchable links organized by category to out of the way and unusual sites - ancient civilizations, parapsychology, time travel, mysteries, astral projection, near death experience, crop circles, UFOs, etc

  • Kithra's Krystal Kave
    A large collection of links from an avid researcher of the paranormal, out of the ordinary and mysterious.

  • Labyrinthina
    Labyrinthina! invites you to meander awhile through our spiraling pages of Ancient Mysteries - the Alien landing sites of the Nazca, Ica Stones, Sacred Andean Sites, Ley Lines, Stone Forests, Goddess Lore, Annual Journey to Peru: - Thoth, Enoch, Labyrinthina Stargate of Machu Picchu, Goddess Gathering. Labyrinth, Andean Imports, On-line Esoteric Bookstore, Ancient legends and mysteries, Power Places

  • The Anomalist
    Unexplained Mysteries, Maverick Science, Unorthodox Theories, Strange Talents, Unexpected Discoveries. "While the mass media and the scholarly press cover "knowledge" adequately, "mystery" is by and large ignored. There is not only an avoidance of things we do not know, but those who profess an interest in the unknown are often the subject of ridicule. Somehow that attitude seems very wrong to us; it is, in fact, just the opposite of what we feel the quest for knowledge really is. Mystery is our prime subject and those who are brave enough to tackle it we regard as the true pioneers. We are not skeptics. We are writers, investigators, and scientists looking for the truth. We are interested in investigating all layers of reality with a particular fondness for those subjects lying on the shadowy margins of the scientific world."

  • Crop Circle Connector
    Crop Circle Images, by year. Everything Crop Circle - Picture Archives, Latest Crop Circles, Calendar, Videos, Books, Stories, Reviews, Rumors, News, Membership, Conferences, Research, Mailing List, FAQ, etc

  • Paranormal Archives - World of the Strange
    Searchable archive of the Paranormal. "The Paranormal Archives web site was created as a place to provide public access to research documents, stories, reports etc. related to the various paranormal fields. The contents of the web site are collected from various sources including books, usenet, CD Roms, newsletters, discussion groups and emails. For the most part it is a merging of two separate web sites, the Paranormal Research Primer and World Of The Strange.

  • Time Star Earth - A Time Travelers View
    An eclectic Paranormal site with some unique information - ET Messages, Crop Circle Messages, TimeStar, Predictions, Breaking News. "TimeStar Earth is a biological clock of planetary cycles that flow from the innate intelligence of planetary life as 'mind'. In the same way that the brain processes the human mind with a defined structure, the TimeStar geometrically represents the structure that processes planetary mind. All of the TimeStar's prime geometries parallel structure in the ancient pyramid center at Teotihuacan and the Mayan calendar that was later developed. 'What's so fascinating about the TimeStar is its unifying function. By placing five tetrahedra in a TimeStar configuration, we create a lowest-common-multiple thereby establishing a set of symmetries which embraces every one of the prime geometric forms.'".....

  • Crater Lake National Park: Klamath Indians (Belief and Ritual of Crater Lake)
    "Native peoples of the region travelled to the Crater Lake area for many purposes. The Park environs were used for both hunting and gathering. The primary significance of Crater Lake appears to have been as a place of power and danger, renowned as a spirit quest site, yet also feared for the dangerous beings residing in the lake. Crater Lake was a particularly dangerous site for the spirit quest. Gaining a vision of the supernatural beings residing in the lake was a major goal of that quest." Myths and legends of the Klamath Indian

  • Astral Travel, Psychic Defense, OOB, Astral Wildlife, Articles, etc
    The Astral Pulse contains the latest revisions of the work of mystic and author, Robert Bruce. The subject matter herein primarily relates to spiritual and mystical research, exploration and development, including astral projection, psychic self-defense, healing and mysticism. Here you will find a wealth of informative articles, free downloads, including tutorials, E books and poetry and more... The astral Pulse forums are extremely popular, with many thousands of members covering an enormous range of interesting subjects in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Welcome to ELFRAD (low frequency signals traveling through the interior of the Earth)
    Welcome to ELFRAD. The information, experiments, and research presented and shown on the following pages are being conducted by the ELFRAD GROUP Which is a non-profit non-commercial organization dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge, generation, reception, and propagation of ultra low and extremely low frequency signals traveling through the interior of the Earth. We have developed a system which uses the earth itself as an antenna, to receive extremely low frequency signals with wavelengths thousands of kilometers in length. It is our goal to construct one Elfrad receiving site per 1000 square kilometers, in every country or province on Earth. All of these sites will be data linked together to provide real time information concerning the source, magnitude, and nature of the underground signals. These include nuclear explosions, earthquake precursors, magnetic storms, solar disturbances and many unknown types of transmissions.

Reality / Alternative News - The Real No-Spin Zone

  • From The Wilderness Publications on the Web
    From The Wilderness has been as much as a year ahead of the mainstream media on major stories. Now, as the world is undergoing one of the biggest changes in human history we find that attitudes and positions we have been writing about for five years are finding their way into mainstream press reports and academic circles. FTW is now read by more than 12,000 subscribers in 35 countries including 35 members of the US Congress and professors at 20 universities around the world. We offer our readers a unique and accurate map of how the world works, unfiltered by preconception or ideology. Since 9-11 we have doubled in size and our web site traffic now exceeds 10,000 visitors a day. We also have a new section on the web site with important stories which is exclusively for the use of our subscribers. Now you can join the major media, politicians and academics from around the world who come to us for perspective and information they can get no place else except at From The Wilderness.

  • Build
    We aim to provide you with the most advanced and widest range of practical freedom information available -- not only the freedom information on our site, but also links to thousands of the best freedom sites on the web. Deeper knowledge of freedom can be applied to improve many areas of your life and the world in general. We provide all our information free of charge. There's much more to freedom than most freedom lovers and activists realize.

  • The UFO News Update Page
    UFO News. Howard Dean on UFOs, Rumsfeld and the Need to know, Real reason for Mars Exploration, Top UFO story of 2003, etc.

  • Jeff Rense Program - on Nationwide Radio And Internet
    An Alternative Viewpoint on the Events of Today. Archives, Streaming Programming, This Month in UFO History, Radio Bookstore

  • Signs of the Times: Alternative News, Views and Information
    Many Articles Brought to you by Cassiopaea.Org. News and Archives

  • Truthout, News Politics
    Truthout enters its second year of providing our readers with critical news and commentary on world events. Truthout currently reaches a quarter of a million readers per month. We have received a wonderful response from our readers who daily tell us that truthout is providing them with valuable information. Many articles on issues such as, Voter Rights and the Election Process, Campaign Finance, the Tax Cut, Defence, Environment, Labor, Economy, Children, Politics, Health, Trade, Indigenous Survival, Immigration, Human Rights, Women's Issues, Global issues

  • The Rumor Mill News
    The regular media is owned by the very people who want to keep you in the dark! Rumor Mill News helps you take the First Step Into the Light. Politically Incorrect News - Stranger than Fiction - Usually True. Where to go first? Check out the READING ROOM. Find Out What the Controlled Media Doesn't Want You to Know! The Reading Room AKA the RMNews Agent's Forum, changes every minute! RMNews has Agent's from all over the world that keep the READING ROOM up to the minute 24 hours a day!

  • Congregator.Net. Deceptions Exposed, Articles, Research Tools, Current Events
    Welcome to This website exists for the purpose of exposing deception in all it's forms. We will examine the methods and procedures that every deceiver must rely on and become familiar with the deceivers toolkit. "This is not a religous oriented site, nor is it anti-religious. I am of the opinion that both man's religions and his governments are presently in the process of disintegration and it is an exponential process which will continue to accelerate to a final cataclismic event, which will likely be aided and/or trigered by "natural" phenomenon...."

  • The Four Winds - Bringing TRUTH
    The Four Winds and The Phoenix Archives websites are committed to giving Truth to the people of our world and to revealing the lies under which we of Planet Earth have been living for thousands of years. Our objectives are: 1. To reveal the evil secret Plan 2000 for total world control by our present evil world leaders. 2. To reveal that Creator God Aton of Light also has a Plan 2000. His Forces of Light will work with us, as we responsibly confront evil in our day and change the “ending of the play. 3. To reveal the evil world leaders’ cover-up of off-world humans (our ancestors) who are here in starships in Earth’s atmosphere at this time, and who have come with good intent to help us prevent the evil Plan 2000 from being accomplished, and to help us establish the New Age of Enlightenment....How to assist our Planet Earth in her transition into fifth dimension by 2012.


Conspiracies, New World Order, Illuminati

  • Event Horizon: Incoming and Fast!
    By Richard Sauder. "The central reality of the early 21st Century is the total certainty of imminent, massive, deep-rooted change in every sphere of reality that is meaningful to the human race. This change will not be long in arriving, not at all -- indeed, we are already being buffeted by the first, outlying squalls of the rapidly approaching level-five hurricane that will soon be upon us with the full force of its fury. The imperial warmongering of the Bush administration represents an attempt by a certain faction of the self-anointed, so-called global 'elite' to use the American military juggernaut as a violent tool to stage manage the oncoming apocalypse. (About which, more below.) Their objective is to try to control a series of large, upcoming, epochal events that are essentially uncontrollable and unmanageable. But this will not deter those who fancy themselves to be humanity's 'superiors'. They will soldier on, literally, with their aircraft carrier battle groups, their nuclear missiles, their stealth bombers, their genetically engineered viruses, and their rampaging armies equipped with night vision goggles, GPS-coordinated weaponry, drunk on self-induced illusions of patriotism, nationalism, blood, guts and gore. It is a nightmarish vision they have and they want to impose it on the rest of the planet by brute force......

  • UFO Text Files
    Secret Government Projects, Interview with a Reptilian, Secret of Flying Saucers by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, Antigravity, Spraying Of Cities Is Real, Mind Control and the NWO, Secret Government Technology, The "Let's Make a Deal" Aliens , Life on Other Planets, Life's True Beginnings, "The Reptilians: Humanity's Historical Link to the Serpent Race", Aliens and the Government, The Rockefeller - UFO Connection, Reptilians at Montauk? Secret Underground Base, The OMEGA File: Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order, The Dulce Book, by Branton, covers the secret underground genetics laboratory beneath Dulce, NM. Mystical Encyclopedia describes the many different types of aliens, people, and places. Timeline: Past and Future discusses major events in the bible timeline, prophecies from various sources, possible alien contact and settlements, and other items. STAR SYSTEMS. Remote Viewing the Grey Mind Collective, the Philadelphia Experiment and it's relationship to the Aliens., more...

  • Masonic Information
    An exploration and rebuttal of Anti-Masonry Points of View. See their expose' of the conspiracy theories about the Denver Airport.

  • David Icke - Author of The Biggest Secret, and others
    Essential reading to fully understand the astonishing and diverse information you find here. David Icke's Journey. Who Really Rules the World. The Round Table - Bilderberg Network, the Reptilian Connection. Truth is Negative? Since When? Articles, Archives, Symbolism, Mind Control, Mysteries.

  • Alex Christopher (Pandora's Box) Interview By: Dave Alan - David Icke E~Magazine
    Denver Airport, Western Center for the New World Order? Reptilians, the Bilderbergs, NWO, Masonic Symbols, Illuminati, Montauk Project

  • Freedom Domain
    Conspiracies, Illuminati / Freemasons, Knights Templar, Prophecies, a Conspiracy View of UFOs., Writings

Cosmic Harmony
Inverse UFO Cloud